Climp - Interact with the World

Climp connects the physical and digital world to provide meaningful experiences to people. Download the app for iOS or Android and explore context based interactions with unmet accuracy.

Business Networking

Networking is a key element of every business event. There are lots of people to meet but time is limited. Getting in touch with the right people becomes crucial for the value of an event. The Climp app shows you the people you have met, facilitates starting a conversation and simplifies exchanging contact information. We help to vanish the feeling of having missed an opportunity.


Hiring the right talents is essential for the success of a company. The Climp app matches the participants of an event with job profiles and provides smart filtering options to participating companies. Additionally, a digital company profile can be displayed to participants approaching their booth and allow to define actions to engage with the company or share CV’s and contact details.

Context based event communication

Time at events is too precious to be spent looking for information in overloaded apps. Event participants need quick access to the information relevant in their context. Climp displays the right set of information at the right time and place. Event organizers can define which information is displayed when and where. This can include agenda, speaker information, feedback forms, slides and much more. All information is customizable and updated in real-time. Our technology delivers unmet accuracy in providing proximity based event communication.


State of the art technical features empower a new kind of proximity based experiences.

P2P connectivity

P2P connection of devices by using Bluetooth 4.0 supporting iOS and Android.

Beacon support

Fully compatible with Eddystone beacon format.

Matching functionality

Real-time matching between participants and companies, indicating who is relevant to talk to.

User friendly

Minimal battery usage, does not require geolocation, works in different states of the mobile operating system.

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